Almost Done with 2020!

by | Dec 18, 2020 | From The Homestead


Started out with a bang, another decade begun.

Wedding and vacation plans, looking forward to fun!

March took us by surprise right from the start,

With “Don’t touch your face” and “Stay Six Feet Apart”!

Our vocabulary changed some, and for instance-

Our common theme became “Social Distance”.

Closures multiplied in so many ways:

No school, No Work, No “Opening Days”.

Cancellations poured in like we’ve never seen.

Ration the toilet paper; hope for a vaccine.

Little by little, persevering with each task,

We muddled thru while wearing a mask.

We remain committed to stay safe for our guests,

With new protocols in place, we do our best.

To our family of friends who stayed safe at home:

We missed visiting and catching up on the ‘latest’.

You are second to none – only the greatest!

As this December to remember comes to a close,

This year will make history, we suppose.

We will be here to take your reservation

So book your next stay without hesitation.