Bed and Breakfast Etiquette First-Timers Need to Know

by | Aug 16, 2018 | From The Homestead

Hospitality goes both ways when it comes to bed and breakfasts. It’s the personalized service and socializing with other guests that makes B&Bs appealing. These two factors require common courtesy and communication as part of the basic bed and breakfast etiquette.

Whether it’s someone’s private home in Door County, B&Bs provide a smooth, relaxing stay, and knowing the etiquette can make you the best guest ever.

Loft style B&B room

Here’s what you need to know:

Value Time and Communication

Making a reservation means informing your host what time you will check in. Confirm your arrival time and immediately let them know about unexpected changes, like delayed flights or traffic jams. Doing so saves them from the burden of having someone on desk duty around the clock; bed and breakfast will operate with a lean staff.

B&Bs provide services and amenities that will fit your unique needs. Policies, however, vary from one inn to another. This makes communication a crucial factor before your stay.

Inform them of your specific needs and expectations. It’s also best to let the host know about your food allergies, dietary restrictions, room preferences, and special requests like a handicap-accessible room or request or a child-friendly suite.

Interacting with Other Guests

Several B&Bs provide shared breakfast with fellow travelers. The host often prepares one meal per guest, served either in the guest’s room or in a shared dining room. For some, this is the much-awaited part: mingling with other guests.

But if you would rather eat in your bedroom, you can make this request from the host. Although, this depends on the policy of the inn you’re staying at. Some serve breakfasts in bed while others don’t.

Aside from eating together, some bed and breakfasts have shared bathroom facilities. This is often the scenario in older buildings. It’s best to respect the personal space and private time of your fellow guests.

Personalized Travel Advice

If you’re not familiar with the location, it’s best to rely on the traveling advice of your host. Many B&B owners know better, and they can offer you the know-how so you can explore the place. Don’t be afraid to ask.

For example, they can point out the best spots for sightseeing, restaurants, or water excursions. Their knowledge about one-of-a-kind destinations can make your stay memorable.

Bed and breakfast owners and staff also know the best mode of transportation and routes. This means not getting lost in an unfamiliar location and making the most of your time.

Make your stay worthwhile by following B&B etiquette. If you’re looking for the best accommodation, our cozy bed and breakfast in Door County awaits.

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