November Is Here

by | Nov 5, 2014 | From The Homestead


As the off-season arrives, our meticulous housekeeping staff is kept busy with Fall Cleaning projects.  The Front Desk and Maintenance staff are exhaling a sigh of relief, then taking a deep breath in preparation for end of the year tasks and planning for 2015.  Oh yes, and the Management is HUNTING!!  Several of the local archers have targeted some venison already, and our waterfowl hunters are taking aim as the flocks head south for the winter.


Election Day was a huge success with a record number of voters casting their ballots.  The seasonal restaurants and shops are closed up, and the year-round businesses are hunckered down for the approaching winter weather.  Temps may take a dive this next week, and the weatherbugs will keep close watch on any “accumulation”.

As always, Peninsula State Park is here all year for your outdoor enjoyment.