Recover & Recharge from Travel Aches to Explore More of Door County

by | Sep 21, 2018 | From The Homestead

Door County earned the title, “the Cape Cod of the Midwest” because of its charming coastal towns, lighthouses, vineyards, museums, and the locals’ fondness for art and outdoor recreational activities. Travel bloggers all but sing its praises, recommending the region as a summer destination for anyone looking for a well-rounded vacation.

You can look forward to activity-packed days when you visit Door County. And by choosing Homestead Suites as your starting point, you’ll be off to a great start. We are near the Peninsula State Park, so you can start off with camping, biking, and hiking. You can also go on a food crawl or explore Fish Creek’s shops and museums. Each day is bound to end on a high note, but all the walking you did during the day will likely leave you feeling sore and tired.

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Apart from checking in at an accessible hotel in the heart of Door County, you can do a few other things to recharge and be ready for another activity-filled day.

Recover from Travel Fatigue

If you drove for hours to Door County, you’ll want to get back on your feet as soon as possible. Recover from travel fatigue by doing full-body stretches. Stretching releases the tension in your muscles and joints built up from hours of sitting in a cramped space. Yoga would be a good idea, too, along with meditation. Both will help your mind and body relax quickly.

Soothe Sore Feet

The best way to experience local culture is to walk through the town’s streets and see, smell, and taste its offerings first-hand. The only downside is your feet could feel terribly sore even before the day ends.

You can recover from sore feet by soaking them in a basin of cold water. Soak them for five minutes, then switch to a second bowl, this time with hot water. Keep your feet submerged for another five minutes. You may switch back and forth a few more times. Reader’s Digest recommends this as a simple version of hydromassage. This technique will alternately dilate and constrict the blood vessels in your feet, promoting faster blood circulation and relieving the soreness of the arches of your feet.

Relieve Fatigued Muscles

Your calves, thighs, back, and shoulders could also feel sore after a day of sightseeing and shopping around Door County. You’ll enjoy every minute of it, but it won’t be as fun later once the pain and fatigue sets in.

Muscle fatigue is a sign that your body is exhausted. Your first remedy would be to take things slow and let your body rest. If the soreness bothers you, apply a hot compress on your calves. A warm bath offers the best relief, however. Spend 20 minutes soaking in a bathtub, which we provide at our hotel rooms and guest houses at Homestead Suites. We recommend that you make the most of them during your stay.

Regain Your Strength

Don’t start and end with soothing your aches and pains. You should also replenish your energy stores by consuming energizing food and drinks. Coffee is an obvious choice, but you also have non-caffeine options., an online resource by the National Sleep Foundation, recommends eating fresh fruit, nuts, eggs, and edamame.

You’ll need to keep your energy level up to experience all the good things Door County has to offer. The tips above can help you do just that.

A final tip: cut short your traveling and walking time by choosing to stay at Homestead Suites. Our rooms and suites are accessible and located near the main county attractions. This way, you can quickly go back to your room anytime you want to take a rest. Check the availability of our rooms on our website and contact us to make a reservation.