The Results are in….

The winner of the 2021 big buck contest goes to our own Maintenance Man, Mark!  Congrats to the only guy in the local pool who got a deer!  With the gun season in the rear view, he is back to keeping the Homestead Suites in great shape. The upcoming weekend is the... read more

Mid November Update

As November begins the ‘Quiet Season’, our archery hunters can take advantage of a long-awaited ‘release’. Kevin took an early season buck and the rest of the crew are patiently sitting in their tree stands with hopes of bagging the ‘big... read more

Deer Hunting

COFFEE HOUSE BUZZ: Rumor has it that some of our “locals” have already bagged their buck! The Homestead crew is out on the opening day of the gun deer season in Door County. CLETUS and BUBBA (below) are sure glad that they don’t have to endure... read more

Beginning The Quiet Season

COFFEE HOUSE BUZZ: As the flocks of geese are headed South for Winter, flocks of tourists have been staying at the Homestead Suites to take advantage of the unseasonably WARM weather! Yes, today the temp is 64 degrees. Our guests are stretching out their shopping... read more

Autumn Leaves Are Falling …

COFFEE HOUSE BUZZ: Pumpkin Patch Weekend is underway!  The whole peninsula enjoys celebrating the Fall Color, arts & crafts, grabbing a brat and that last ear of roasted corn for the year.  The Homestead boasts its colorful Autumn display, and guests take their... read more